PG Slots Apartments in Berlin with luxurious Flair from Rahat Apartments


Exclusive change of scenery

Rahat Apartments provides travellers like you with high quality accommodation in Berlin. Whether its time out, business or wanderlust, whatever brings you to the capital, at Rahat Apartments you can find a hand-picked selection of exclusive apartments. One of these may soon be your home for the next few months.


Your advantages as a tenant

Explore Berlin or Leipzig like a local, not like a tourist. There are no predetermined breakfast or check-out times in your temporary home. On the contrary: Enjoy the privacy of your home.

A temporary home

Stay a month. Or more than one month. The rental of furnished apartments is very individual – up to several years. Should your desired domicile not be available for this reason, we will find an alternative for you at any time.

Living with style

Our design apartments are not only cosy, but also particularly well equipped. Before handing over the apartment, we will give you a personal tour during which you can see for yourself.

Individual service

Our optional services complement the comprehensive range. You just have to bring your luggage. We´ll take care of everything else. Upon request a filled refrigerator or a rental car in the underground car park.

Rent premium apartments
in the best locations in Berlin

For business travellers

Alternative for business customers

Service at calculable costs, this is the idea behind our furnished Serviced Apartments. Rahat Apartments Berlin offers business travellers perfect accommodation with optional cleaning and concierge services. The functional furniture invites you to both work and live. The ideal and economical alternative for longer business trips in Berlin and Leipzig.

For private travellers

Change of residence for a certain period of time

Do you also long for a personal break in the urban jungle? Many avant-gardists and urban travellers rely on Rahat Apartments Berlin. Immerse yourself in the urban flair of Berlin or Leipzig. We guarantee fully equipped apartments with the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. You don´t live like that in any hotel.

Our Service

Optionaler Rahat-Concierge

Our tenants should never miss any amenities. Therefore, we offer an additional concierge service in addition to the optional cleaning of the Rahat apartments. Would you like to find a filled fridge, a fresh bouquet of flowers or a chilled bottle of champagne in your apartment when you arrive? Are you looking for an impressive rental car or a suitable gym without an annoying contract? For us, these are practised steps in which we help our tenants at any time and submit an individually tailored offer.


How to become a tenant

Have you discovered an apartment on the website of Rahat Apartments Berlin that meets your needs? Make a non-binding booking request. You will be informed as soon as possible whether this apartment or other apartments are available and can be visited. This service is of course free of charge.



Make a non-binding request directly via the apartment advertisement. Please fill in the contact form for this purpose.


We will check whether the apartment of your choice is available for the desired rental period and will get back to you.

Apartment viewing

If the apartment of your choice is available, a personal apartment viewing will take place. In addition, we clarify questions about the rental contract, rental payment and deposit.

Move in

Welcome with handover of keys – We are looking forward to your arrival and are therefore personally on site when you move into your design apartment.


Enjoy the next few months in your new temporary home. Don´t hesitate to take advantage of our optional concierge service.


Frequently asked questions from tenants

What is Rahat?

Rahat Apartments Berlin provides high-quality furnished accommodations for short-term tenants in vibrant cities such as Berlin or Leipzig. We offer fully equipped apartments from the luxury segment for a minimum rental period determined by the landlord in return for an intermediate rent which can be seen on our portal. What sets Rahat apart from other portals is its personal 24/7 concierge service, which you can take advantage of as an option. From filling your refrigerator before your check-in to the provision of a rental car, your wishes are not too big for us.

Why should I rent via Rahat?

Rahat Apartments Berlin offers you a reliable and secure rental process. The available apartments listed on Rahat´s website are personally verified apartments which correspond to the Rahat philosophy thanks to their excellent furnishings. Rahat convinces its tenants with an optional concierge service in order to do justice to the first-class offer. If you have any question, you will never have to wait long for an answer. We will provide you with contact persons for all matters.

What are the requirements for Rahat?

You do not need an account to use Rahat Apartments Berlin. If you are interested, simply fill in the non-binding booking request via the contact form.

Do the rental prices include additional costs?

Yes, the monthly rental prices stated in the advertisements already include the additional costs. These do not have to be paid separately.

Will there be any further costs?

The apartment search and mediation is free of charge for the tenants. You do not have to pay any commission to Rahat when using our service. Only the rental costs and the deposit about which we inform you in full via the apartment advertisements, as well as the one-time fee for the basic cleaning after you move out are to be borne by you as the tenant. If you would like an individual service, we will be happy to make you an offer.

When is the deposit due?

The deposit and the first monthly rent are due after signing the contract and before moving in. The deposit must be paid into the landlord´s bank account before you receive the keys to the apartment. At the end of the rental period the deposit will be returned to your bank account within one week – provided no damage has occurred during the rental period.

What is the minimum rental period at Rahat?

Rahat Apartments Berlin does not offer holiday apartments, but exclusively furnished apartments in the upmarket segment. This is why the rental period is at least one month, but varies from apartment to apartment. As an intermediate tenant, you can rent an apartment for up to twelve months.

Which documents are required for the rental?

In order to guarantee our landlords security and responsible behaviour, we require the following documents for rental in order to validate your creditworthiness and verify your identity: a photo or scan of your identity card or passport including front and back as well as your last three proofs of income or a comparable proof of creditworthiness such as a certificate from your bank or tax consultant, a self-disclosure or similar.

How do I request a viewing for an apartment?

Are you interested in renting a temporary apartment? Please contact us using the appropriate form or pick up the phone. The Rahat team will then discuss any suggested dates with you.

Who should I contact if I have any questions or problems?

The Rahat Apartments Berlin team is at your service around the clock. Whether concierge service, repair work or enquiries about rental extensions: Contact the appropriate contact person, who will be indicated to you when you check in.

Luxuriously furnished apartments in Berlin for rent timewise

You are planning a longer stay in Berlin and do not want to live in a hotel during that time? Then we do have the right thing for you! With Rahat Apartments you can find a suitable apartment with just a few clicks. Our apartments with timewise rent in Berlin are available not only for just a few weeks but also for several months. Our apartments are suitable for one single person as well as for a group of people. Enjoy the flair and style of modern living concepts and get inspiration from the according comfort.

Enjoy unforeseen flexibility

With our flats in Berlin you can gain advantage of a maximum of flexibility. Take full control of your timeframes considering leaving or arrival from day to day as well as meals and other usually from a hotel dependent action. In addition to that, you do not have to consider long times for check-in and check-out when using our apartments timewise in Berlin. On transfer you are getting your own keys you will keep for the whole rest of your stay. We show you all specialities of the apartment or suite on transfer so that you will feel comfortable from Day 1. By the way, you can of course take advantage of our services such as refilling the fridge with fresh groceries just before your arrival.

Choose a suite which suits you

If you are looking for a suite for rent in Berlin, you can get a good overview by using our search mask in our online booking tool. You will not only find first impressions of the apartments but also important facts considering the price, the size and the maximum amount of people which can enjoy their stay there together. The timewise apartments in Berlin are furnished and equipped with everything you need for a relaxed stay of course. Look forward to modern bathrooms and enjoy the comfort given by our completely equipped kitchens.

Our timewise apartments in Berlin are located all over the city. You can either choose a central location in Berlin Mitte or a location in one of the suburbs near the border of the city. Decide by yourself, whether you prefer a modern apartment or you are in the need of an apartment with the typical old-town flair of Berlin. Both sides have their charm in Berlin.

Trust in our service

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to live in our timewise apartments in Berlin. This is why we are offering a series of services you can take into account by your decision: E.g. you can let us look for a suitable apartment for you. It would also be an honour for us to help you with other organizational tasks, such as providing a rental car for your stay ready to drive in the underground garage of the apartment so that you can move through Berlin with the highest grade of flexibility.